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Barb Ryman: Music/Listen

Unicorns And Castles

(© Barb Ryman)


Enthralled with life as a little girl

I looked at it from twirls and swirls

Somersaults and big cartwheels

In my festival of magic


I envisioned kings and queens

Princesses and dragon seas

Sandbox kingdoms full with scenes

Of unicorns and castles


I was enchantingly free

Living blissfully


Others called it fantasy

But I knew better, I believed

I remembered, I retrieved

A life with wizards, elves and me


We could do most anything

By wishing it to be and then

Look up here, oh, look my friend

I’ve sprouted wings to fly with


We were enchantingly free

Living blissfully


Later on the veils came down

A grown-up person I’d become

Memories faded, lips turned down

In solemn contemplation


About the life that I could make

Within the rules of church and state

Within the limits that were placed

On fairies long forgotten


I longed to be enchantingly free

Living blissfully


Now my eyes are bright and old

I find my wisdom taking hold

It comes not from my grown-up toil

But unicorns and castles


And everything my childhood grew

In sandbox kingdoms, it was true

Now I know I always knew

I only had forgotten


I am enchantingly free

Living blissfully…….free