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Barb Ryman: Press Kit/Reviews

Press Release For Barb Ryman #2


Who: Barb Ryman, singer-songwriter
Contact: 612-306-9036 • •

More than Entertainment
Barb Ryman’s Music Feeds the Soul and Heals the Heart

Looking for a concert that offers more than entertainment; that also feeds the soul and heals the heart? Then Barb Ryman is your ticket. An award winning songwriter home-based in Minneapolis, Ryman believes music is a strong and often overlooked healing modality. She teaches a workshop called "Recovering Lost Soul Through Song". She tours nationally giving concerts that take audiences on an engaging, transformational journey. With a clear and winsome voice and skillfully played guitar, she delivers a rich mosaic of contemporary folk, country blues, Celtic flavored ballads, and old-time gospel. She brings it all forward in the tradition of great folk music, through songs that tell stories and put us in touch with our human condition. Her gift: an ability to go to some of the most emotionally difficult places and lift and transform them into something hopeful, insightful and redeeming. Sing Out! calls her "a grounded mystic". Her second gift, a delightful sense of humor with belly-laughing lyrics popping up in her diverse collection of topical songs on such themes as email spam, low-self esteem, and bureaucracies. In fact, her song, All American Dysfunctional Family, was picked up by ABC-TV to promote their pilot sitcom “Sons & Daughters”. Her third gift is a deep love and awe of nature, radiating in her songs, Soft Green Mosses, Like a Tree, and metaphorically sprinkled throughout her music. Ryman has recorded five CDs. Her latest, Earthbound, features percussionist, Marc Anderson, bassist, Eric Toussaint, guitarist, Dirk Freymuth, and musicians of “Prairie Home Companion” fame, Peter Ostroushko, Adam Granger, and Prudence Johnson.

Barb Ryman’s music career was launched when the Minneapolis Star Tribune proclaimed her 1995 CD, Lay me Open, “a heart on sleeve triumph” and national reviews in folk and world music magazines, Sing Out and Dirty Linen acknowledged her talent. “You can’t help being amazed at the power of her presence and the sound of her voice. You can’t help but listen,” wrote Jim Walsh, music critic for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Since then Ryman has been nominated for numerous Minnesota Music Awards. Her CD, Falling Down to Heaven, resulted in five, including Songwriter of The Year, Recording of The Year, Song of The Year, and Female Vocalist. The American Composer Forum awarded her the 2002 McKnight Composer Fellowship, a coveted award for composers across all music genres. In 2007 she won the New Song contest at the Winfield Folk Festival. She has performed throughout the U.S. in concert series, folk festivals, colleges, house concerts and radio shows. Her songs have aired on folk programs across the U.S, Europe, Australia, and beyond.

Ryman’s inclination to merge the entertainment & music arts with the healing arts is no surprise knowing her history. She was four years old when her father, a navy pilot, was killed in a plane crash. That wounding loss started her on a spiritual/healing quest that continues to this day. In adolescence she discovered her passion for music and devoted hours honing her musical skills. She played the coffeehouse scene in high school and college, but drawn to the healing professions took on a career as a speech-language therapist, helping children with special-needs develop communication skills. She earned a masters degree in counseling psychology, facilitated grief groups, studied Jungian psychology, mystery schools, shamanism. and Native-American spirituality. Then returned to her first love, music, now with an integrated, clear vision and appreciation for its power to heal, transform, and make us laugh. For more information about Barb Ryman’s music visit or www.myspace/barbryman.