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Barb Ryman: Press Kit/Reviews

Minor 7th review of "Earthbound"

BARB RYMAN “Earthbound," 2007 - You'll find songs of hope, spirit and spam from this folky Midwest artist. It opens with a lively flatpicked guitar and fiddle (played expertly by Peter Ostroushko) in a tune with upbeat lyrics -- the kind that make you wanna dance around your living room when no one's watching. "A Billion Tears" features an ethereal steel drum and a clear finger picked acoustic with lovely lyrics, "A billion tears 'cross the Milky Way sky." "This Empire is Falling" uses a light hand to cover the politics of war and ends with a optimistic plea to understand each other's lives. Finding solace is the theme of "Mushroom Rock" while "Spam Me" is much lighter, about the daily battle with junk email, "Spam me, spam me / Might as well take a truck and wham me." Ain't that the truth. After listening to this pleasant album you won't feel like you've been broadsided -- just relaxed and entertained.