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Barb Ryman: Press Kit/Reviews

Dirty Linen review of "Like A Tree"

For her third album Ryman has come up with an interesting bunch of songs about the myths of our times....a simple song about wife-battering called 'The Pain' which features an ancient Swedish vocal technique called Kulning. 'Mother Mary Margaret Iris' questions the vows of chastity imposed on Catholic priests and nuns. 'Temple of the Moon' and 'God Came & He Sat On My Bed' also offer unusual perspectives on religion. 'Queen of the Couch' is a folk-blues song about her 'schmoozing snoozing pooch.' The title track is a metaphor for the attainment of environmental and spiritual well-being. 'Rapture of the Socks' is a phantasmagoria about the perennial mystery of the socks that disappear in every laundry. Some of the dozen or so musicians helping out include of few of the best in the Minneapolis region such as Peter Ostroushko and Dan Newton.
Dirty Linen