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  1. A Billion Tears

I'm a star gazer. When I get out into the wild, I love to take in the night sky. It always puts me into a state of awe and I wonder about our celestial parents. What would they say to us? How do they feel about our life here on Earth? I want to believe they feel great compassion and I imagine the Milky Way as their tears for us.


Beautiful planet
Bluer than a gemstone
Resting on black velvet
Out there all alone
When we look upon you our hearts
Ache and then we cry
A billion tears ‘cross the Milky Way sky
A billion tears

All of your thoughts
Swirling like a cyclone
Prayers and lamentations
Dreams and aspirations
We listen to them all
Answer every call
But a billion ears are deaf to it all
A billion ears

Rivers and oceans & rain on the mountains
Our manifestations to show
How our tears will sustain you
Until you can hear us below

Beautiful spirits
Light shines all around you
And if you turn inside
Light shines there too
When you look into your night sky
And see the Milky Way
Know a billion tears are there for you today
A billion tears