From the recording Earthbound

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This Empire Is Falling -© Barb Ryman

This empire is falling
Like all the rest through history
Swept away by self-glory
Driven by consuming greed
Of a few who don’t believe in you
Believe in me; believe in truth
Like lambs to the slaughter we will go
If we don’t stand up now and say no more
No more lies, the veils from our eyes are removed
We won’t let you take us all down with you

My choices make a difference
My voice unites with you
We have power as a collective
No need to give it to the few
Who do not have our interest at heart
When we can be the moving parts
In a force that will turn this world around
And toward a path of truth for all
I believe that we have been called
An opportunity to evolve
Break the karmic wheel of the fall

This empire is falling
Our choices make a difference