Crystalline River

Besides her role as a song-writer, Barb has been carrying out energetic processes at the source of rivers since 2012. She loves this work and finds that each river has a unique song that she chant's while working.

More can be learned at her Crystalline River website that documents through photos, story and maps the work done throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Through energetic, shamanic and frequency anchoring tools, she has travelled to the source or headwaters of over 250 rivers to complete what she has been intuitively shown.  

Frequencies of Brilliance

Frequencies of Brilliance is a unique energy healing technique that involves the activation of energetic doorways on the body. These doorways are opened through a series of light touches.

This activation introduces high-level frequencies into the emotional and physical bodies. It works within the cells and the entire nervous system.

Barb Ryman is a certified Frequencies of Brilliance practitioner. She received her training from Christine Day, founder of this work. For more information visit Frequencies of or download Barb's brochure here.