June Update

Barb Ryman – June update: 1. TOURING HIGHLIGHTS 2. KERRVILLE FOLK FESTIVAL 3. RADIO INTERVIEW 4. JUNE PERFORMANCES 1. TOURING HIGHLIGHTS Hey all! I'm back and recovering from over a month on the road!...performing across South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado at some very warm and welcoming concert series. Thanks to those of you who came out and all the new folks I met. Other highlights included some beautiful day hikes in the Cascade mountains of WA and Wallawa mountains of eastern OR. Ironically, hikes in the wilderness proved safer than my excursion into one of the towns I was staying. Gave myself a big shiny black-eye as I cracked my head on the car door frame trying to escape an aggressive snarling dog on the loose! Never a dull moment on the road! 2. KERRVILLE FOLK FESTIVAL The tour ended with 10 days at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. Had an incredible time! Every night played in fabulous song circles until the wee hours with great songwriters like Jonathan Byrd, Chuck Brodsky, Karen Mall, Buddy Mondlock, Devon Sproule, Amy Speace and Eric Schwartz. Bill Nash was gracious enough to invite me into his camp 'Nashbill' where I occasionally got some sleep. Also bumped into and hung out some with my fellow Midwest songwriters, Johnsmith, Ellis, Justin Roth, and Bill Isles. Absolutely will be making Kerrville a yearly ritual! Here are a few photos courtesy of Neale Eckstein. He has a great collection of photos at http://www.foxrun.org/nealetv/kerrville2008/

SONiA, Terry Irons, and Barb being moved by the Music to Life concert.  Having a good time at Camp Nashville with Stephanie Corby & others. 3. RADIO INTERVIEW This Weekend Tune into No Lies Radio this week to hear my interview on Backstage with Teri Perticone. No Lies is a news, talk and music internet station that’s all about peace, justice, earth & spirit. They’ve been playing a couple of my songs, “This Empire is Falling” and “Temple of the Moon” over the past few months. The interview will air at 3 pm Pacific, 5 pm Central, 6 pm Eastern this Saturday & Sunday, June 14 & 15, and again at 8 pm pacific, 10 pm Central, 11 pm Eastern on Wed, June 18. Go to http://noliesradio.org to listen online 4. JUNE PERFORMANCES – WI & MN I have a few midwest shows coming up this month including the annual concert at Lake Harriet on June 21...bring your friends, family, pets and picnic....nothing better than music at the lake when its summer in Minneapolis! Go to Calendar on the menu bar for the full schedule.