Barb Ryman News – Fall 2009

Hey Peoples! It’s been a very long time since the last newsletter and now we’re approaching Fall! Summer was a whirlwind of important events in my life. I spent most of June in Belgium furthering my training in Frequencies of Brilliance, and August in Minnesota with Amanae Brainwork. These are amazing & powerful systems of opening doorways and anchoring in self-healing on many levels. If you would like to know more, I've added a page to this site devoted to this work: My mother passed away this summer so I have spent time with family, grieving and remembering the remarkable woman who was my mother. Those of you who have my song “Fly Like and Eagle” know it is all about my dear mom, and loved ones who have departed before us. It was an honor to sing it at her service. I miss her. Thanks to all who came out for the annual Lake Harriet Concert. For those who were planning to attend the August 29 show at the 318 café in Excelsior, MN, it has been postponed to December 19. I’ve been nursing some tendonitis in my playing arm and needed to give it a break. It’s already very much improved and will be in good form for the Fall shows. Below is the schedule which includes concerts in Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Kansas and Minnesota. Check the website from time to time as more shows may be added. Hope you all had a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you this Fall! Peace & Love, Barb