Spring News

BOB DYLAN SYMPOSIUM: Have you been to the Bob Dylan exhibit at the Weisman Museum? I highly recommend it. Last week, I had the pleasure of being a part of Bob Dylan Symposium. This was a 3 day international conference sponsored by the Weisman and the University of Minnesota. There were scholars in fields of English, literature, musicology, history, creative writing, cultural studies. There were poets, writers and music critics. They came from all around the world. Now I know Bob Dylan is a music icon, but I was blown away to find he is studied so deeply and extensively. I had know idea and I learned a lot. I was invited to be on a panel of Minnesota songwriters giving our perspective on Dylan’s legacy: Included were Paul Metsa, Matthew Friedberger (out of photo frame), Dylan Hicks, Adam Levy, Barb Ryman, and Dan Israel. PERFORMANCES: I’m home for the Spring and plan to do some writing and catch up on a lot of music business. I am looking for Midwest shows to fill during this time, so if you’d like to host a house concert, this would be a great time to contact me at barb@barbryman.com and arrange that. Summer, will involve a number of outdoor concerts in the Midwest and some dates in California. Check the Calendar schedule later for specifics. In the Fall, I'll be on an extended tour in Mountain states and Pacific Northwest. Happy Spring Barb Ryman