Summer News

TOURS: I’m staying close to home this summer and playing some outdoor concerts and summer concerts series in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The touring begins in earnest in the Fall with shows in Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Nebraska. Winter plans are Southern US & Florida. Spring will be the East Coast. LAKE HARRIET CONCERT: I’ll be kicking off the summer with my favorite summer concert spot in the Twin Cities, the Lake Harriet Bandshell. Friday, June 8th, 7:30 pm is the date. Bring friends, the kids, the picnic, the family pet or whatever and come out for this free concert. The new CD, Earthbound, will be available at the show. COMEDY: I’d like to highlight a co-bill I’m doing with my funny son, Tommy Ryman. Now, I don’t mean I have a weird son, I mean he’s a very talented comic and we’re doing a show together at the Rising Star Mill in Nelsonville, Wisconsin in early August. We’ll also be part of a pride event this weekend in Pine City, MN (see schedule below). Go to the Links page of my website,, and hit the link to Tommy’s site. There’s also a link to his video “Girlfriend” which won 1st place in a Minneapolis short film contest. Also, go to the Music/Listen page and get this month’s free Barb Ryman download (more about this below), a comedy song that’s also on the new CD. PROTEST SONGS: As a songwriter, I’ve had a number of people ask me, with all that’s going on with the war in Iraq and our government, where are the protest songs? Well, actually there are thousands of protest songs being written, but unfortunately the big corporate owned radio stations and music industry are not playing them. Neil Young has a page on his site where he’s been gathering songwriters’ protest songs and listing them with a link to where you can hear them. There are close to two thousand songs listed. Mine is called “This Empire Is Falling” and it’s #180 in the rankings. Go to Find some that resonate with you and ask your local radio to play them. There is a huge voice of the people that needs to be heard and we can start making it heard in these kind of acts. FREE MONTHY SONG DOWNLOAD: I’ve decided as a gift to my fans to offer a free download of one of my songs each month. Go to the music page on the website,, and there will be a featured song you can download. I only ask that in return, you direct a friend or two to the download...its one more way you can spread the word about the music. It will change each month so check the website monthly to get a new download. You can also sample many other songs by streaming audio. And if you really want to support me as an independent artist, buy the get all the songs together as they were sequenced for emotional affect, along with lyrics, production notes, and all the lovely artwork. This month’s feature is “Spam Me” a parody on email spam put to the old Roger Miller song “Dang Me”...enjoy!

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